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Do you have a slippery floor – SLIPSTOP can solve your problem

SLIPSTOP Anti Slip Treatment reacts with the surface of the floor creating millions of microscopic U shaped pores which stops the foot from slipping in wet conditions.

Benefits of SLIPSTOP

  • No need for expensive and disruptive replacement
  • Effective in wet and greasy conditions
  • No drying or curing time
  • Fast return to service
  • Guaranteed for 5 years

Recent News

Swimming Pool Surround & Changing Rooms

A Swimming pool surround and changing rooms were treated with SLIPSTOP Anti-slip treatment. The work was carried out after the Leisure Complex closed in the evening and before opening the…

Entrance & Lobby

We recently treated 280 M2 of Terrazo tiles with SLIPSTOP Anti-slip Treatment and Impregnator to a high footfall entrance and lobby. The SLIPSTOP Impregnator is a below the surface sealer that…


Ceramic tiles were treated with SLIPSTOP Anti-slip Treatment in 120 ensuites bathrooms in a local hotels refurbishment project. The alternative was to renew all the tiles which not only would have been expensive…

Let SLIPSTOP solve your problem!